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Light Aircraft And Helicopter Double Flying Lesson

Light Aircraft And Helicopter Double Flying Lesson


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Product details - Learn to fly a plane? Or learn to fly a helicopter? One of life's toughest decisions, many hours been have whiled away pondering the pros and cons of each. But ponder no more! The light aircraft and helicopter double flying lesson in coventry is the answer to your prayers, allowing you to test fly both aircrafts and pick your favourite!taking place at coventry airport, the experience kicks off with a classroom briefing on aircraft controls, functions, and safety procedures, plus a qa session with the instructor to ensure you're confident with the challenge ahead. Now for the fun part! With 30 minutes in both a cessna 152 and a robinson r22 helicopter, you'll have plenty of time to get to grips with the controls and learn from the expert pilot sitting beside you. Aircrafts and helicopters are vastly different, so by the end of the experience you'll be able to choose which you preferred, and possibly sign up for more lessons!a gift voucher for the light aircraft and helicopter double flying lesson would make a fantastically unique day out for adrenaline junkies, and anyone who's ever dreamt of flying!

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Light Aircraft And Helicopte



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