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Highest Uk Tandem Skydive Weekday

Highest Uk Tandem Skydive Weekday


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Product details - Skydiving experience days jump from a plane at 15,000 ft, and enjoy the longest freefall available to tandem skydivers in the uk. This is the highest skydive available to tandem skydivers in the uk, making it the ultimate thrill for daredevils in lincolnshire and beyond, and an absolute bucket list must. Tandem skydiving is one of our most popular experience days, and with very good reason. Strapped up safely to a skydiving instructor, you'll take to the skies in a small plane, before tumbling out into mid air for a 120mph terminal velocity freefall! With this particular jump you get 3000 extra feet of altitude, meaning that your jump from 15,000ft includes a freefall that lasts for about 60 screaming seconds absolutely mind blowing stuff. This is the perfect skydiving experience for serious daredevils who like to take their extreme kicks... Well, to the extreme! On the day you'll have a quick briefing and training session before getting kitted up and hitting the skies with your skydive instructor, a qualified british parachute association instructor who will take charge of everything. All you have to do is relax as much as possible! And enjoy the ride let the instructor do all the work, and experience the unbelievable thrill of your extended freefall and the heavenly 5 7 minute float back to earth once the parachute as been deployed. For £95 more, payable on the day, you can have a dvd made of your jump, to remember it forever and show off to your friends, of course!. If you're looking for a seriously unforgettable gift for our daring friends and family, why not send them to cloud nine and give them the chance to experience the uk's highest tandem skydive!?the highest tandem skydive in the uk starts with a 20 minute classroom brief with your freefall instructor covering everything you need to know and allowing you to ask any questions you may have about your first skydiving experience. You will be provided with a jumpsuit and goggles and a special harness by which you will be connected to your instructor. Once you're geared up there are some safety checks before you make your way to board the aircraft it's time to get up in the air and get ready to jump! Your fully qualified british parachute association tandem instructor will guide you through the skydive, open and land the parachute so you can enjoy the thrill and freedom of freefall without concentrating on anything other than what is going on beneath you! Dvd of photos and videos is available, for an extra £95 payable on the day.

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