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Full Accelerated Skydiving Course Aff In Durham

Full Accelerated Skydiving Course Aff In Durham


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Product details - Skydiving experience days if you fancy yourself as a bit of a daredevil and have always dreamed of becoming an independent skydiver, look no further than this freefall accelerated skydiving course aff in durham. Nothing can compare to the immense thrill of free falling through the sky before enjoying a parachute ride back down to earth, and if you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then this is for you. The aff course is a revolutionary new fast track training programme and is perfect for those who want to become qualified as quickly as possible. You will receive expert advice from your instructors throughout the course and will soon have the confidence needed to make those jumps. Starting on the ground with some ground training, you'll learn all the necessary skills to make your first skydive you will not be attached to your two instructors, but they will be accompanying you and holding you, so you will feel entirely safe. Based on eight levels, this brilliant course will teach you all you need to know about both the practical and theory aspects of skydiving and you'll be a qualified skydiver in no time!your full accelerated skydiving course aff in durham will begin with a full day of tuition at the peterlee parachute centre near durham, after which you will work you way through the following levels level 1 your first jump is with two instructors holding on to you and will teach you the basics exits, stability, altitude awareness and control of the parachute canopy. Three practice ripcord pulls, altitude awareness and the actual pull, are all part of this jump. Radio assistance is given under canopy during the descent and landing if necessary. Level 2 as level 1 but with only 2 practice pulls and a turn to the left and right. Level 3 instructors ‘release’ you, allowing you to fly alone, but staying in close proximity to re grip and provide assistance if necessary. Level 4 exiting with just one instructor holding on exit, 180 degree left turn and 180 right and forward movement. Level 5 one instructor holds you on exit, 360 left turn, 360 right and forward movement. Level 6 dive exit with instructor following. Back loop, delta track, 180 turn and delta track. Level 7 dive exit instructor following. Back loop, delta track, 360 turn left, 360 right. Level 8 solo exit from 5,000 feet, followed by deployment of your canopy within a few seconds. This familiarises you with a lower exit altitude and a faster pull. On completion of level 8 you graduate from aff. Following graduation you must make 10 further jumps, called consolidation jumps, under the guidance of an aff instructor. These jumps allow you to practice what you have learnt on your own. On completion you are qualified as a category 8 skydiver and can join in with the regular skydivers and start to have some serious fun!

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Full Accelerated Skydiving C



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