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Product details - Andldquolondonands no.1 showandrdquo lbc is back! Now in its landmark 16thand year at the apollo victoria theatre, this andldquodevilishly clever spin on the wizard of ozandrdquothe daily telegraph imagines a beguiling backstory and future possibilities to the lives of l. Frank baumands beloved characters and reveals the decisions and events that shape the destinies of two unlikely university friends on their journey to becoming glinda the good and the wicked witch of the west. Already the 9th longest running west end musical of all time, wicked has been seen by over 10 million people in london alone and played almost 6000 performances. The classic musical is the winner of over 100 major international awards, including three tony awards, two olivier awards, a grammy award and ten theatregoer voted whatsonstage awards including three for andlsquobest west end showand the complete london cast includesand lucie jonesand elphaba,and helen woolfand glinda,and ryan reidand fiyero,and sophie louise dannand madame morrible,and gary wilmotand the wizard,and carina gillespieand nessarose,and nicholas mcleanand boq,and simeon trubyand doctor dillamond,and amy webband standby forand elphaba,and charli baptie standby forand glinda,and yuki abe,and kofi aidoo appiah,and meg astin,and alishia marie blake,and pandagraveje campbell,and grace chapman,and michael colbourne,and fergus dale,and nolan edwards,and nicolaand espallardo,and danny fogarty,and laura harrison,and amie hibbert,and lucie horsfall,and samuel how,and christian knight,and nick len,and jasmine leung,and rhidian marc,and paddyjoe martin,and jessica alice mccluskey, stacey mcguire,and harry mills,and lewis newton,and natalie spriggs, samantha thomas,and joe thompson oubariand andand james titchener. Critic reviews it is magnificent to see a musical that manages to be both populist and intelligent at the same time the sunday telegraph wicked is amazing. Absolutely amazing daily mail a remarkable kaleidoscope of magical shocks, surprises and sensations wicked works like a dream evening standard andldquopacked with wit, storming songs and beautiful costumes.andrdquo the guardian

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