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Rock Climbing Taster

Rock Climbing Taster


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Product details - Try a peak district rock climbing experience to see if you've got that head for heights! The outdoor crags of derbyshire offer some of the most varied sport climbs in the country with something to suit every level. These half and full day introductory rock climbing courses in the peak district are perfect for those with no or very little climbing experience.fully qualified instructors lead the sessions and you'll learn loads all about climbing which as you'll soon discover is a really popular outdoor pastime here in the peak district. As well as tackling easily accessible rock climbing routes you will be shown rope techniques and climbing movement tips. There may even be time to be taught how to belay that's when you are securing the rope for your partner when they're doing the climbing.whether this experience gets you hooked on rock climbing as a great way to enjoy the peak district as a one off or becomes a new outdoor leisure activity you'll continue doing you will be amazed at just what you can achieve. And contrary to popular belief it's not a question of physical strength rock climbing is more about sensing where to place your hands and feet and having the courage to conquer the mental challenge the rock face presents.these beginner peak district rocking climbing sessions are an ideal starting point. The aim is to try out as much climbing as you can manage but also to learn some techniques. And all this without getting so tired that it's not fun anymore after all that's the ultimate aim. You don't need to have experience of climbing outdoors or even indoors before so don't worry if the last time you climbed was a tree in the garden when you were a kid!you might be thinking climbing is too scary to try but with the expert instructors hosting you’ll discover how rock climbers overcome their initial fears by learning to trust the security of their rope and equipment. For many it comes down to practice and repetition. In fact when you are accustomed to climbing you are so concentrated on the next move that you seldom have time to remember or think about anything else! We think you'll love this chance to explore the peak district rock climbing!

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