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London Zoo Tickets Zsl London Zoo London

London Zoo Tickets Zsl London Zoo London


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Product details - See little, large, hairy and scary animals from across the globe in the heart of london at zsl london zoo! Run by the zoological society of london zsl, london zoo in regent’s park houses a collection of 755 species of animal in beautiful landscaped grounds. Tiger territory  opened in march 2013, tiger territory is home to critically endangered sumatran tigers and immerses visitors in the tiger’s lush habitat! You’ll come face to face with the tigers through the floor to ceiling glass windows. Gorilla kingdom  get up close to the zoo’s western lowland gorillas in a natural environment – one that mimics their african rainforest! Take a peek at the gorillas and see what they’re up to before learning a bit more about them through interactive activities and exhibits. Penguin beach visit the penguin pad and watch the birds waddle around their enclosure before diving into the clear water! Catch a glimpse of the penguins shooting through the water from the underwater viewing bubble – you’ll soon find out exactly why this attraction is called ‘penguin beach’! Reptile house a visit to the zoo’s reptile will also interest fans of the harry potter films! A scene from harry potter and the philosopher’s stone involving harry and a talking burmese python was filmed at the reptile house in 2001. See komodo dragons, tortoises and extremely venomous snakes. Rainforest life this indoor exhibit introduces visitors to life living in a humid and sticky rainforest! Come face to face with a number of rainforest residents, including monkeys, sloth and armadillo! Step into the night life area – the light will dim and you’ll discover bats, rats and other nocturnal wonders. Children’s zoo smaller children will love the children’s zoo – they can visit the touch zone and pat goats, sheep and chickens and let off some steam in the educational play areas. Meet the monkeys walk through this outdoor enclosure that opens up into the skies of london and watch out for squirrel monkeys scurrying between branches. The enclosure houses a breeding group of black capped squirrel monkeys and is designed to recreate the bolivian rainforests as closely as possible. Blackburn pavilion look upwards as you enter the blackburn pavilion and spot toucans, starlings and kookaburras in this tropical rainforest home! Hummingbirds flit from flower to flower and colourful feathers swoop over your head. Housed in a delightful victorian building, the lofty pavilion provides an abundance of space for the birds to fly through the foliage.

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