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Gliding Over Dartmoor

Gliding Over Dartmoor


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Product details - For a new way to discover dartmoor gliding offers a fantastic airborne view of the stunning south devonshire countryside. This small and friendly club near tavistock boasts two twin seat training sailplanes the proper term for gliders and three single seaters all launched into the skies above dartmoor using the winch system. The dartmoor club offers gliding to suit everyone no matter what you hope to get out of the experience. For a tantalising taster session try the voucher for one winch which gives you one glider flight with a trained instructor. But mark our words when you’ve been up there once you’ll want to go again so that’s why we’ve also got a voucher for two winch launches too. If you're interested in taking an in depth look at gliding the full day dartmoor glider experience is the one to go for. Here you’ll spend quality time with an instructor who’ll talk you through the theory of piloting a sailplane as well as the technical aspects of flying before you take to the skies in a dual control aircraft to have a go for real. Your pilot will demonstrate everything to you first and if you don’t get things quite right they’re always on hand to keep things safe and steady. On this most comprehensive glider day in dartmoor you get to enjoy six flights giving you maximum training time as well as a full explanation of the various procedures involved in gliding. Whatever option you choose you are assured of a warm welcome over tea or coffee followed by your ground based safety briefing. You’ll be introduced to your instructor before heading out to see the glider you’ll be flying. On the grass runway the controls of the glider will be shown and explained to you then without further ado it's your turn to be launched skywards. Just how high the winch will be able to tow you depends on the weather and the winds but you can go several thousand feet up before being released to gracefully fly over dartmoor with just the wind to power you. On all these glider lessons over south devon you will have time in between taking in the picturesque views from the cockpit to have a go at the controls of the sailplane. If you're on the full glider day you’ll also take home a completed training record and certificate to celebrate your achievement and for all visitors the friendly team at the dartmoor gliding club will make sure you have a silent elegantly breath taking day to remember. 

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Gliding Over Dartmoor



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