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Zsl London Zoo Group Tickets

Zsl London Zoo Group Tickets


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Product details - Tiger territorytiger territory, home to critically endangered sumatran tigers, is now open at zsl london zoo, where the 186 year old site has undergone a massive redevelopment to make way for the 2,500sqm 27,000sqft enclosure.visitors to tiger territory will embark on a journey through an indonesian habitat, coming face to face with beautiful tigers through the floor to ceiling glass windows.five times the size of the previous tiger enclosure, the new exhibit has been designed with zsl’s team of tiger keepers, conservationists and experts to ensure that it perfectly suits the big cats’ needs.tigers are excellent climbers and like to observe their terrain from a towering vantage point and tiger territory allows them to do just that. The exhibit features tall trees for the cats to scale and high feeding poles to encourage their natural predatory behaviours.unusually for cats, tigers love water, and visitors will be able to see them hanging out in their custom built pool. When they’re not playing in the water, the tigers will have all day access to indoor dens where visitors will be able to see the big cats relaxing.carefully planted to mimic the tropical foliage of the island of sumatra, the zoo’s team of expert horticulturalists studied images of native indonesian flora, taken by zookeeper teague stubbington on a recent visit to zsl’s tiger conservation project.working around the world to try to reverse the fate of the sumatran tiger, tiger territory will enable zsl to breed tigers at zsl london zoo and learn more about these elusive animals to apply to its field conservation projects.the european breeding programme and the global management species programme for sumatran tigers are both coordinated by zsl london zoo – where zsl’s specialists are responsible for ensuring a healthy and diverse population of tigers in zoos around the world.tiger territory will inform and inspire a generation of people to treasure the tiger and understand their role in its survival. It will also help fund zsl’s tiger conservation work in the field, providing a lifeline for years to come.with tiger territory, 2013 is set to be the year of the tiger at zsl london zoo.tiger territory, zsl london zoo's new flagship exhibit, costing £3.6m is now open to the public. animal adventurewe have just launched animal adventure, our new children's zoo. This exhibit provides thousands upon thousands of children with the chance to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, smells and experiences of life in the animal kingdom.penguin beachthe exhibit’s 1200 sq metre pool is four times bigger and three times deeper than the zoo’s old penguin pool and will hold 450,000 litres of water. Our large demonstration area turns feeding time in to an even bigger spectacle than before. Penguin beach live will feature twice daily feeds where visitors can watch the birds diving for their food. Penguin beach will be a breeding facility for colonies of humboldt, macaroni, black footed and rockhopper penguins and will include a special penguin nursery. This will include a chick incubation unit and a pool where the youngsters can learn how to swim.butterfly paradisezsl london zoo’s butterfly paradise exhibit features species from several major regions including africa, south east asia and central and south america.meet the monkeystwo years ago, we launched our meet the monkeys walkthrough. The enclosure was built to house a breeding group of black capped squirrel monkeys in a habitat designed to recreate the bolivian rainforests as closely as possible in the centre of londonaquariumthe aquarium has been at zsl london zoo since 1853, and has a very interesting history. Separated into three different halls, which are home to different types of fish, the aquarium is involved in many different conservation projects and breeding programmesblackburn paviliontake flight to our new tropical bird walk through the blackburn pavilion, and be transported to a jungle paradise in the centre of london!clore rainforest lookoutnew at zsl london zoo. Feel the heat of south america within our tropical biome filled with tropical trees and alive with south american monkeys, birds and invertebrates. With nothing separating you from this amazing habitat.gorilla kingdomthis pioneering £5.3 million exhibit brings central africa to the heart of london. It gives visitors the chance to experience the amazing world of these animals in a natural setting with no bars. Interactive features and educational activities will appeal to visitors from all walks of life. Gorilla kingdom highlights the threats faced by these majestic creatures in the wild. Zsl works to conserve and protect them, and this exhibit marks an important development in awareness and support for their plight.

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