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Siam Park Royal Delphin 2 Hrs Cruise

Siam Park Royal Delphin 2 Hrs Cruise


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Product details - Siam parkjust some of the attractions for you to enjoy at siam water park include...siam parks’ most iconic feature, the tower of power, is also its most jaw dropping thrill ride. Climb the tower, take a deep breath and hang on to your swim wear as you plunge down the almost vertical 28 metre drop in “free fall” and emerge unscathed but screaming your head off! Via a mysterious aquarium.the lost city uncover the secrets of this splashy water fortress as you venture across bridges, through waterfalls and down gentle slides. This is the park attraction for kids that adults love!baby zone not to leave anyone out, siam park also has a special area for water babies! The really young members and their parents can enjoy slides that have been specially designed for them.relax and sunbathe underneath the palm trees as you take in the beautiful views at la gomera and the ocean or enjoy a snack on the white sand beach and in a wonderful thai atmosphere. With its comfortable sun beds and sun umbrellas available, the turquoise waters will transport you to paradise. Water temperature 24º.sea lion island as you enter the park there is a warm welcome from the fun loving sea lions. They can be watched as they swim and play, showing you just how much fun can be had in the water.royal delfinthe 2 hour excursion is a great way to see how you enjoy the sea and visa versa.when the whales and dolphins are close to the boat you can get excellent views through the glass bottom, or window in the catamaran but if they are a distance away you will get a good view of them from the deck. whale watching is like fishing and it can't always be promised that you will see them but you have a better chance to see them in these waters than anywhere else in europe. Through the glass bottom you will see plenty of fish and if the whales appear beneath the boat you will really see them up close and personal!as you sail on the crystal clear water you will be treated to spectacular  views of the coastline and of the beautiful island.a perfect way to enjoy a family day out with sun on your face and a soft gentle and welcoming breeze blowing through your hair! bon voyage!including on board service  specialized guides on board.  panoramic windows with submarine vision.  live submarine tv.don't forget to bring with you bathing suit, cap, sun creme and suitable shoes!

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Siam Park Royal Delphin 2 Hr



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