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La Stories Sunset Blvd Walking Tour

La Stories Sunset Blvd Walking Tour


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Product details - Discover the epicenter of movie stars, music, fashion, culture, and exuberance that has shaped generations. This immersive walking tour takes you on an epic journey through the sunset strip. The most active and poignant 1.5 mile stretch of sunset blvd that encompasses hollywood, west hollywood and beverly hills. This isn’t just any old sightseeing tour, you’ll actually walk in the footsteps of epic movie stars, rock stars and discover stories you won’t believe! You’ll be amazed by how much your life has been affected by the sunset strip. Immerse yourself in one of the most interesting and exciting streets in the world. Discover the secrets of world renowned locations chateau marmont, the andaz riot house hotel, pandora’s box, ciros, the rainbow and more. Explore the epic rise of musicians like jim morrison, motley crue and guns ‘n’ roses and indulge in the glitz and glam of iconic movie stars and mobsters. There will be ample opportunities to get awesome photos and video content, to post as we go, as well as opportunities to enjoy refreshments, air conditioning, bathrooms and additional amenities to make your tour as pleasant as possible. Make the most of your time in los angeles and take this fun, unique and exciting tour. With our incredible storytelling guides at the helm, there’s really nothing else like it. start your sunset strip story now.

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La Stories Sunset Blvd Walki



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