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Kidzania London Kew Gardens

Kidzania London Kew Gardens


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Product details - Kidzania londonkidzania is a world of fun and learning for children aged four to fourteen. Set their imagination free with a visit to the uk’s first educational entertainment experience.located in westfield london, kidzania features a child size city spanning 75,000sq. Ft. Over four exciting hours, kids can learn real life skills and have a go at trying out grown up jobs in realistic environments.from the aviation academy to the radio station, police station or hospital, kidzania’s streets are lined with authentic establishments. Real life role play will bring these professions to life as kids learn in a fun and safe environment. Children can even have a go at being a tour guide on a mini golden tours hop on hop off bus!young minds will learn about money as they are paid for the activities they undertake, earning ‘kidzos’ kidzania currency. Kids can open a personal savings account and deposit the money they have earned for their work. This currency can be used to purchase goods and services inside the city.each experience lasts four hours, and children over the age of seven can enjoy kidzania without an accompanying adult. Visitors are given a bracelet to wear around their wrist which can only be removed by employees with parental permission, so you’ll know where your kids are at all times. Children are in safe hands, leaving you free to shop or dine while keeping track of their movements.kidzania has welcomed over 38 million visitors worldwide and now the global phenomenon has arrived in london! Kids can have fun while learning valuable skills during at this exciting new education experience.accessibilitykidzania accommodates visits for those with special requirements. We believe all kids should be able to experience role play in a fun and unique way.hearing impairments all activities are equipped with a 'help hearing guide' a read a long guide for visitors with hearing impairments. This is a free service and can be obtained by an activity staff member on the day of your visit. visual impairments service animals registered guide dogs, hearing dogs and medical alert dogs are welcome around kidzania, however due to health and safety reasons, there are selected activities where they will not be permitted. accessible parking westfield london offers a selection of accessible parking. Blue badge holder will be permitted four hours free parking monday to friday. To qualify for this, you must provide a blue badge and parking ticket to westfield staff at the shopmobility desk. getting around kidzania is entirely accessible to wheelchair users, with many lifts and escalator available. There are several accessible toilets, a variety of rest areas and all food and retail outlets are wheelchair friendly.  kew gardenskew gardens, is a world heritage site located in 121 hectares of stunning vistas with six magnificent glasshouses set in a beautiful landscape beside the river thames between richmond and kew in south west london. Kew gardens represents more than 250 years of historical gardens. It is home to a remarkable collection of over 30,000 types of plants from all over the world that range from the decorative to the peculiar. Kew gardens provide opportunities for public enjoyment and enrichment and the behind the scenes scientific work helps ensure a sustainable future for plants and people.in the summer of 2004, kew's determination to make serious botany great fun for children was demonstrated with the opening of 'climbers and creepers'. Bringing a new use to an old cycad house by white peaks, climbers and creepers engages children from around 3 9 years in the pleasures of learning more about plants and their relationships with animals and people. Apart from the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the garden's landscapes kew offers a wonderful day out for all, whether horticulturally, historically or botanically inclined.

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Kidzania London Kew Gardens



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