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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Experience Pass

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Experience Pass


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Product details - Currumbin wildlife hospitalsanctuary guests can have a bird’s eye view of the vets working, and can experience the depth that currumbin wildlife sanctuary has for the care and welfare of the australian native animal population. See xrays, ultrasounds and endoscopes streamed live on a flat screen for guests to observe during the procedure. Even watch from a surgeons eye view by a camera mounted on the surgical light! free flight bird shownational trust currumbin wildlife sanctuary presents the free flight bird show! Meet some of australia’s most beautiful species of birds from the largest bird in flight, the australian pelican, to the colourful parrots, birds of prey, endangered species and the majestic wedge tailed eagle. Marvel at the beauty of these incredible creatures as they free fly across the audience in a wonderful display set against the sanctuary’s natural environment. Make sure you hang around to have your photo taken with a bird of prey at the end of the show!crocodile live showcurrumbin wildlife sanctuary is excited to have boss hog as a new member of the team. At almost five meters in length this massive salt water crocodile is an incredible sight to see. Come and learn about boss hog and his girlfriend lilly as well as see the fresh water crocodilesterms conditions in these conditions of entry, “currumbin wildlife sanctuary” includes the owner and operator of currumbin wildlife sanctuary and all currumbin wildlife sanctuary staff. Currumbin treetop challenge is designed to be more challenging as you move through the three levels. You are welcome to take a break at the end of any course if you wish. The treetop challenge courses have been designed for children and adults alike to maximise family fun, fitness and team building. However, participants must be able to comfortably reach 160cm to enter. To measure yourself or a child, stand with flat feet on the ground and raise arms above head with hands outstretched. Measure from the ground to the middle of the palm of the hand. To continue to the advanced level “black course”, participants must be able to reach 180cm. Children under 18 require a parent adult to sign the consent form. It is recommended that children under 14 are supervised by an adult throughout the treetop challenge at currumbin wildlife sanctuary. The treetop challenge activity will require you to conquer any fears of heights and is suitable only for persons physically and mentally able to sustain a minimum of physical exertion and stress. The treetop challenge sadly is not recommended for pregnant women or people with brittle bones, heart problems, epilepsy, high blood pressure or any other adverse medical condition. The equipment provided gloves, harnesses, helmets, ropes and pulleys is checked daily by our staff and must be used according to the instructions given. Enclosed shoes must be worn to do the activities. Long hair must be tightly tied back. 

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary



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