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Big Bus Rome Complete Vatican Tour With Museum Sistine Chapel St Peters

Big Bus Rome Complete Vatican Tour With Museum Sistine Chapel St Peters


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Product details - Descriptionthe complete vatican tour is designed to give you a unique understanding of the history and world class art collection of the vatican. It shows you all the classics and throws in a few surprises to take you on a deep, artistic adventure in just over 3 hours. We start by skipping the always long lines to get into the museum and diving right into the galleries holding some of the most famous works of art in the world. Our specially designed route encompasses all the can’t miss pieces while also including some of the lesser known works that will really dazzle you. Your expert, english speaking guide will give you eye opening insight and context along with some great stories as you explore the raphael rooms, the belvedere courtyard with ‘apollo belvedere’ the laocoön group, the pinecone courtyard, the gallery of the candelabra, the gallery of the maps, and the gallery of the tapestries. The piéce de resistance is, of course, the sistine chapel. Your guide will prep you for your time here by telling you the stories behind the creation of the iconic frescoes as well as what they mean. When you enter, you will then be able to appreciate the full majesty of the room, spotting little details like michelangelo’s self portrait and the rather painful revenge he plotted for the pope’s aide he wasn’t his biggest fan... Finally, we trade the artistic masterpieces of the vatican museums for the architectural masterpiece that is st. Peter’s basilica. Traveling with a licensed guide has its perks, as you’ll learn when you use the special guides only door leading from the sistine chapel directly to the basilica and past long general access lines. Built over st. Peter’s tomb, it took the best minds of the renaissance more than 120 years to complete st. Peter’s basilica. It was worth every second though, as you’ll discover during a 1 hour tour with your guide. They’ll lead you to michelangelo’s ‘pietà’ the only work he ever felt the need to sign your guide will tell you why bernini’s soaring baldacchino altar, and the well worn feet of st. Peter, which pilgrims rub for good luck. While many tour operators fit 25 or more people into their vatican tours we’ll never put you with a group of more than 15. We’re passionate about the vatican and want to share that passion with you in intimate groups led by the most engaging, and knowledgeable guides in the vatican.sites visited sistine chapel raphael rooms blevedere courtyard with apollo belvedere laocoön his sons pinecone courtyard gallery of the candelabra gallery of the maps gallery of the tapestries st. Peter’s basilica st. Peter’s squareinclusions skip the line access ticket to the vatican museums skip the line access to st. Peter’s basilica expert walks of italy tour guide small groups of max 15 people headsetsexclusions gratuitiesimportant informationplease remember that the sistine chapel is a holy place, and attire must be appropriate for the visit. Both men and women are asked to wear clothing that covers at least the shoulders and knees. The st.peter's basilica may be closed during special celebrations festivities, including the easter ceremonies. If this occurs during your visit, there  is more time inside the sistine chapel and the vatican museums. We are unable to provide refunds in this case. while the vatican museums are equipped with elevators for wheelchair access, they are not conveniently located on the group tour route and only give access to specific sections of the museums. As a result, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs on any of the group vatican tours. please note that guests may only carry small handbags inside the vatican museums. Larger backpacks etc must be left at the cloakroom. It is the responsibility of the guest to return to the vatican museums entrance to collect these after the tour.

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Big Bus Rome Complete Vatica



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