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Bgb The Sagrada Familia Tour English

Bgb The Sagrada Familia Tour English


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Product details - Antoni gaudí was a visionary architect during barcelona’s modernist period early 1900. He graced barcelona with nearly all its extraordinary buildings. No less than 7 have been listed as world heritage sites by unesco, including sagrada família and casa batlló.passeig de gràciathis broad elegant avenue was built for and by the wealthy barcelonians and they have never left luxury and design shops line the street along with major banks and the stock exchange. Architectural details include modernist lampposts and gaudí’s tiles for the pavement and a myriad of grand buildings la pedrera, casa milà. Check out the wavy façade with its extraordinary balconies, and don’t miss the top with the weird chimneys that resemble soldiers looking out for the residents. Casa batlló. casa batlló is not just a building but an artistic legend. there are so many stories about the casa batlló! From the exceptional façade that reflects a tranquil sea to the battle between saint george and the dragon, the block of discord. Passeig de gràcia was where the main architects from the modernista style had the chance to show their best gaudí with casa batlló, domènech i montaner with casa lleó morera and puig i cadafalch with casa amatller sagrada famíliathe jewel in the crown of gaudí’s works, the temple is a synthesis of his overall conception of architecture. The richness of detail and its significance need explaining in order to appreciate this fascinating and extraordinary building in full.gaudí wished the temple, which is still being built, to be financed by the people, not by taxes or funding, and that’s just what your entrance fees do included in the tour price finance the completion of the building started in 1882. Outside. Each façade explains a chapter of jesus’ life. You will walk in through the birth façade – look closely, the whole nativity is represented there. At the other side of the basilica is the passion façade, representing the stages before jesus died. The basilica. There are no words to describe the first time you enter the sagrada família. The curved columns resembling trees, the light that dances and plays across the hall in a constant change of colors. Just wait and see! Museum. The studio workshop is essential to understand how gaudí worked and thought. The models he used are beyond anyone’s imagination

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Bgb The Sagrada Familia Tour



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