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Barcelona Aquarium Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Aquarium Barcelona Zoo


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Product details - Barcelona zoothe zoo in barcelona is located in the city park. Ranked among the top zoos in spain, has open enclosures, allowing you to almost touch the animals. There is a infant zoo where children can be introduced to various animals.a train runs round the park or you can hire an electric buggy if you wish.a unique feature of the zoo was the famous albino gorilla, snowflake, the only one in captivity in the whole world. As well as a wide selection of animals and birds, the zoo offers special displays of reptiles such as iguanas and chameleons. The zoo was founded in 1892 and is one of the oldest and most modern in the world. The zoo prides itself on its humane facilities and habitats for the wild animals.the dolphins appear to be very content and love to perform at the glass windows of the pool.there are also regular displays in the indoor aquarium where members of the audience are invited to interact with the dolphins. Expect to get wet if you stand at the front.barcelona aquarium l'aquariumbarcelona aquarium has got to be the world’s most important mediterranean themed aquarium and a must to visit whilst you are in this fabulous city. It is sure to thrill young and old alike as you explore the aquarium at your leisure. Especially as you walk through the 80 metre underwater tunnel and look up to see sharks swimming directly above you.you will see 11,000 specimens from 450 species from all over the world.the spectacular oceanarium is the only one of its kind in europe, is the largest tank and the one with the largest number of species in the aquarium. With a diameter of 36 metres and 5 metres in depth, it contains 4,500 square metres of water and contains many diverse species. These include giltheads, morays, ocean sunfish, rays and two kinds of sharks the sand tiger shark and the sandbar shark, the true stars of l’aquarium!new this year is the jellyfish exhibition, marvel at the penguins as they dive and check out the reptiles and amphibians in the tropical river. There is so much to do that the children will be occupied for the whole of your visit and you will be able to catch some wonderful video footage of some of the most beautiful fish in the world.children have their very own area where they can play and explore, in explora. There is a self service cafeteria where you can enjoy a drink, a snack or a meal and there is a shop where you can buy a souvenir to take home with you.

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Barcelona Aquarium Barcelona



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