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700 830 Pm Nightly

700 830 Pm Nightly


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Product details - The cast of v includesaerial expressions is an unprecedented adagio strap act that soars over the stage and the audience with grace and daring. The strength and agility of these men is astounding. It will amaze and thrill everyone that sees it.the crazy gauchos funny and charming, the crazy gauchos interact with the audience while demonstrating their amazing drumming and rhythmic abilities. One half of the crazy gauchos, eduardo lomé, learned his trade when he was eight years old while growing up in argentina. Lomé, along with partner hugo latorre, keeps the audience in stitches with their routine and raises the cheers to a roar.russ merlin is outrageous, hysterical and unlike anything you might have ever seen before. Adorning volunteers in one of many unique masks created for the act brings the crowd to tears as they laugh uncontrollably. An alumnus of the tonight show and having brought joy and laughter to more than 60 countries, russ merlin is a combination of crazed game show host and motivational speaker high on caffeine. You must see him to believe his uncanny ability to create excitement on the stage. While he may be difficult to categorize or explain, the laughter he generates is unmistakable.iouri safronov grew up in russia. He attended the famous russian olympic reserve school of acrobatics. He is a former member of the moscow state circus. In 1993, he joined the barnum and bailey ringling brothers north american tour. Iouri also performed in the production show “efx” at the mgm grand.nikolai meinikov is another talented acrobat who graduated from the famous moscow state circus school. Nikolai is a former member of the cirque du soleil production “mystere.” together they have developed an act as a stunning hand balancing duo. Several tricks in their act are so difficult that only iouri and nikolai can perform them.joe trammel, the man who can become anyone, interacts with the audience of v the ultimate variety show creating anticipation for what comedic transformation he will assume next! His impersonations become a physical performance unique to the art of stand up comedy. Trammel's stage experience began at the early age of three at his mother's dance studio. He perfected his diverse act of imp ersonating a wide range of pop culture icons from ninjas to our favorite exercise buddy richard simmons! His professional experience led trammel to open for artists such as mc hammer, harry connick jr. And alicia keys. He now brings his diversified act to v the ultimate variety show.melinda the first lady of magic was the only female magician to have her own headlining magic show on the las vegas strip during the 1990s. After a 10 year hiatus, the first lady of magic has reappeared in vegas. Featuring dazzling illusions and strong dance routines.the skating aratas act is performed by wife and husband duo victor and jenny arata, the acrobatic skating routine is on a custom made 2x2 meter round platform. The aratas routine involves incredibly difficult and dangerous stunts as they spin at neck breaking pace. Developed through over 18 years of intense training and rehearsal they display courage, skill and precision at an extremely high level. Being a married couple adds even more adrenalin rush as victor says it's my wife in my hands and you never forget the danger involved jenny adds i trust my husband with my life, there is no other way you could perform such a dangerous acttamara yerofeyeva was born in kiev, ukraine. She was an olympic level rhythmic gymnast. She placed 6th at the 2000 olympic games in sydney, australia. She was also an all around world champion in 2001 madrid, spain. She also held an all around absolute gold medalist at the 2001 world universiade beijing, china. In addition, she was a silver medalist at the european championship in 2002. From 2004 2006, she performed in cirque du soleil.wally eastwood began charming audiences at the age of 17. Born into a six generation family of acrobatic trapeze artists, and being afraid of heights, it didn't take long before wally decided to keep his feet on the ground. W ally has since won many international awards for his talents. After seeing a performance of wally's in las vegas, la dodgers tommy lasorda was quoted saying, wow! You are the man with the fastest hands! Performing in over 5 different countries wally has become a versatile performer. He has starred in many of the top shows in las vegas and around the world. Wally's motivation for performing still lies in the audience interaction. He has a unique knack for charming and entertaining all types of audiences with his visual comedy, incredible mastery of juggling and his versatility of languages. To quote jerry lewis he's the best, really he's really the best...

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