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When referring to 'sites' 'website' 'websites' we are referring to,,,, and
When referring to 'Villagefetes' we are referring to the business that owns all the listed named websites above.

The advertisers/customers obligations

All advertisements are accepted by Villagefetes on the express condition that the Advertiser guarantees his advertisement does not contravene the Trades Descriptions Act, 1968, the Sex Discrimination Act, 1976, or The Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order, 1977.
When purchasing adverts all advertisers accept that they are purchasing advertising space on Villagefetes sites only, artwork and design for boxes are not charged for and therefore all advertising box artwork will remain the property of Villagefetes unless designed by the company or individual advertising. Therefore all artwork can not be resold, distributed or copied to other websites and remains individual to the adverts on Villagefetes sites, however you may purchase the artwork if needed. To view our copyright warning scroll to the bottom of the page. The Customer shall not place advertisements to transmit, communicate or knowingly receive any material which is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing, or in breach of confidence, copyright, privacy, trade marks (whether registered or unregistered) or any other rights of any third party.
The customer acknowledges and agrees that: Villagefetes makes no warranties or representations either express or implied in relation to whole or part of the advertising service, including but not limited to implied warranties or conditions of completeness, accuracy, satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose and that all such conditions, warranties, terms and undertakings, express or implied, statutory or otherwise in respect of the provision or non-provision of the advertising service and any other services supplied hereunder are hereby expressly excluded.

Our obligations

Villagefetes reserve the right to decline any copy of artwork which they may not approve whether an order has been accepted or not. Villagefetes reserve the right to refuse to enter any advert images, keywords or descriptions where we feel the wording directly or indirectly is infringing upon copyright, a registered trademark, racist, defamatory, sexually oriented or may cause offence to any company or individual. Every care is taken to ensure prompt insertion of all advertisements but guarantee of insertion cannot be given. Subject to payment of the fees, and any local administration costs, and the terms of this agreement. Villagefetes shall provide advertising and such additional services as are agreed between the parties. Villagefetes warrants that the service will be provided with reasonable care in a professional and timely manner.

Artwork for advertisements or web pages

All artwork supplied by you for any adverts on Villagefetes sites or websites created by Villagefetes must be your own, or you have permission to use such artwork. If we are notified that we have created advertisements using artwork from non legitimate sources, such as copying images from websites, by either you or the legal owner of the artwork we shall remove the advert image box or, close the web page immediately until the artwork is replaced. Villagefetes will charge for any corrections at our normal hourly rate and where any legal action has involved Villagefetes legal department the full cost will be passed on to the offending company or individual.

Hourly rate for image ownership disputes

All communication and time related work undertaken in connection with any disputed ownership of images, artwork or logos will incur a charge of £156.00 plus standard rate VAT per hour and will be charged on a per hour basis. This charge will be applied to all parties concerned (claimant/s and defendant/s) regardless of the outcome.

Terms and conditions by area

Local variations of our advertising term and conditions will apply depending upon which Villagefetes website you are considering advertising on. It is the responsibility of advertiser to check and read the advertising terms and conditions that apply specifically to each area of that website. These variations of our terms and conditions are clearly publicised (at the bottom of this page if applicable) and easily located under the advertising options section of each area within all Villagefetes websites.

Advertising rates

Advertising rates are subject to revision and the right is reserved to vary contract terms and conditions. All displayed advertisement rates on all Villagefetes sites are excluding standard rate VAT and will be charged for plus the VAT.

Automatic renewal of advertising

All purchased advertising packages are automatically renewed 3 working days prior to the advertising renewal date, notices of renewal are sent at 6 and 4 weeks prior to payment due date by email only. Automatic renewal of advertising is subject to a valid payment method having been provided by the advertiser and may be opted out from at any time. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check emails and notify us of their wish to opt out from automatic renewal at least 4 working days before the payment is taken, failure to do so will result in an admin charge of £30 being deducted from any refund of payment.

Hourly rate for all non standard services

All work undertaken outside our normal advertised packages and services will incur a charge of £78.00 plus standard rate VAT per hour and will be charged on a per 15 minute basis. No work is undertaken until our quotation or estimate of works is accepted.

Cancellation and refunds

1. Where Villagefetes calls new potential advertisers (cold call) to advertise we provide a 7 working day cooling off period with full money back guarantee from the date of first verbal contact or agreement to advertise, should you wish to cancel your order for any reason we must receive your cancellation in either written letter, fax or email before the 7 day deadline expires.
2. Where Villagefetes has introduced, sent marketing material for the customer to consider advertising with Villagefetes or has been in discussion with new potential advertisers who have agreed to advertise and have paid to advertise the cooling off period does not apply and no refund will be given.
3. Where Villagefetes contacts existing advertisers to re-advertise you may cancel your order (if no payment has been made) up until your renewal date after which you will be liable for the full invoiced amount. If payment is made prior to your renewal date Villagefetes accepts this as definite confirmation of renewal and therefore the cooling off period does not apply and no refund will be given.
4. Where the advertiser has independently (without prior contact with Villagefetes) taken out advertising via telephone, email, post or via a form on any Villagefetes sites advertisements may be cancelled prior to payment after which no payments will be refunded.
5. The cooling off period does not apply and no refund will be given to customers who take out advertising in conjunction with advertising promotions on other websites or where advertisers are provided with leads and contacts for services and products from us.

6. During the advertising period the customer may cancel and have removed any or all of their advertisements, however no refund will be given for the remaining advertising contract period.

Please note: Telephone cancellations are not acceptable under the Consumer Protection regulations.


Each party will at all times keep confidential and will not disclose without the prior written consent of the other any business or other confidential information of the other party or use any such information other than for the purposes contemplated by this Agreement (except that each party may disclose such information to those of its employees, agents and sub-contractors who need to know the same for such purpose and under conditions of confidentiality non-disclosure and non-use equivalent to those imposed on the parties by this Clause). These obligations of confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-use do not apply to any information which is publicly available through no fault of the party disclosing or using the information, or which was known to that party before receipt from the other party, or received from another source without obligation as to confidentiality, or which is required to be disclosed by law or by a regulating authority.


Villagefetes will not be liable for any mistake or loss caused by error due to inaccuracies in the publishing of any advertisement or for any circumstances arising there from. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify Villagefetes of any error immediately it appears.
Villagefetes reserve the right to refuse any application for an advertisement or any advertisement on such grounds as they think fit. Villagefetes reserves the right to republish any advertisement in electronic as well as printed format without seeking the advertiser's permission.

Copyright© statement

The content (content being the source code, website design, images including advertisement boxes, photos, animations, content text, sound and video files, programs and scripts) of this website is copyright ? Villagefetes. All rights expressly reserved. All material published on this website is the property of Villagefetes and their respective owners and is protected by international copyright laws.


The placing of an order either by telephone, email, post or via a form on any Villagefetes websites for the insertion of an advertisement shall amount to full acceptance of the all above set out general advertising terms and conditions and the local variations stated below if applicable.

More information

Further information regarding our terms and conditions can be requested from us via any of the contact methods located on our contact us page.