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Zsl Whipsnade Zoo Free Photobook

Zsl Whipsnade Zoo Free Photobook


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Product details - Escape the urban jungle and head for whipsnade for the perfect family day out.escape on an adventure across acres of beautiful english countryside with fantastic views across the chiltern downs and watch lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and giraffes out and about in huge outdoor enclosures. Hop aboard the jumbo express train adventure or take a free safari bus as you make your way around the scenic zoo, one of europe's largest conservation centres. Travel back to a time when wild beats walked this land. Where bison herds grazed on england’s verdant pastures and wolf packs and bears hunted in our forests. This land was their home before it was ours and now they’re back!.meet the bears, european bison, wolves, lynx and moose that were once commonplace in britain, along with the mystical wolverine at zsl whipsnade zoo this easter.wild wild whipsnade takes you on a journey of discovery and immerses you in a spell binding story where you can experience the sights, sounds and awe inspiring animals that once free roamed this country. Wild wild whipsnade allows you to escape to nature, re live the mood of myths and legends and be confronted with some of weirdest, wildest and most wondrous beasts on earth. children under 16 will not be admitted without an adult. seasonal eventsjuly 23rd to 4th september something very big is coming to zsl whipsnade zoo this summer…zsl whipsnade zoo will be home to life size animatronic dinosaurs as part of an immersive new exhibit where you can learn about the fascinating creatures that lived more than 65 million years ago. From the formidable tyrannosaurus rex to the gentle brachiosaurus, visitors will be transported to a prehistoric world where they can marvel at the giants that once roamed the earth. there’s plenty of dinosaur themed fun to keep the whole family entertained inside zoorassic park, with fossil digging activities, live dinosaur pop up talks from our presenters, ‘how to train your dinosaur’ daily shows and an education trail for the little ones. Visitors can also learn about the important work zsl’s scientists and conservationists do in the lab and in the field, and how we can use our knowledge to help prevent other animals from going extinct. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable visit to zoorassic park this summer!entry to zoorassic park is included in your ticket to zsl whipsnade zoo. 

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Zsl Whipsnade Zoo Free Photo



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