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Yas Waterworld 1 Day 1 Park Pass

Yas Waterworld 1 Day 1 Park Pass


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Product details - Rides, slides and attractionsrush ride new to flowboarding or bodyboarding and want to improve your skills? This endless sheet wave brings socal style fun in the sun to abu dhabi! Rush rider is the ideal place for you to begin your flowboarding and surfing career before graduating to bubbles’ barrel in the big league!jabel drop we think the platform for jebel drop is the best vantage point in the entire park. Of course, everything you see from here will be really small because it’s such a monstrous drop. Dare to give it a go?slither's slidesserpent spin. Are you ready to take the plunge? After two sharp turns, guests will drop through a water curtain into the darkness of the bowl and spin around, lit only by tiny led lights, around the bowl’s periphery, before getting ejected down into a landing poolal raha riverfeel like a chill out session? Well grab yourself a tube and float gently through the winding streams and caverns of the al raha river. Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.marah fortressslides, dumping buckets, a water shooting geyser, water cannons, and lots of other interactive features keep kids entertained. and many many more...just visit the best water park in the world!

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Yas Waterworld 1 Day 1 Park



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