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Tower Of London Ripleys Believe It Or Not

Tower Of London Ripleys Believe It Or Not


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Product details - Tower of londonone of the most famous buildings in the world, the tower of london was constructed in the 11th century almost a 1,000 years ago and has been witness to countless significant events in the development of britain's now democratic monarchy.during your tour of the tower of london you will meet the magnificent yeoman warders or 'beefeaters', clad as they were in tudor times, hear the legend of the ravens and spine chilling tales from the tower's long history. See the infamous bloody tower where the princes were murdered, beauchamp tower where visitors can read carved inscriptions of past prisoners and traitors gate where those unlucky enough not to survive imprisonment had their heads impaled and much more.we sell at less than the gate price, which gives you access to all the towers and attractions, as well as the unique gift shops, the historic new armouries restaurant, tower cafe and kiosk. Your tower ticket also includes entry to the crown jewels.all internal buildings close 30 minutes after the last admission.the tower closes one hour after the last admission.we recommend that you allow 2 3 hours for your visit to the tower.the tower is closed 24 26 december and 1 january inclusive.ripleys believe it or not!the amazing attraction to house a £500,000 swarovski crystal covered mini cooper, a genuine 16th century iron maiden and a 13 foot long tower bridge made of wooden matchsticksthe quirky and world famous ripley’s believe it or not!®, the global authority on the weird, strange and bizarre, will open its doors to the public in the heart of london’s west end at 1 piccadilly circus. Bringing a host of peculiar and wonderful exhibits never before seen in the uk, the museum of oddities will occupy 24,000 square feet and is set to become one of london's major tourist destinations and a top family attraction.ripley's believe it or not!® museum offers a unique mixture of entertainment, education and fun for the entire family appealing to anyone with a basic sense of curiosity. Guests of all ages will appreciate the 500 plus authentic, original and unbelievable exhibits.“the ripley’s believe it or not!®  museum is not only unique, but it’s the most incredible visitor experience in london. There’s nothing like it.from a two headed calf to a 3,000 pound piece of the berlin wall, a swarovski covered crystal mini cooper worth £500,000 and three unbelievable human shrunken heads from ecuador, ripley’s features exhibits so bizarre it leaves visitors wondering if something so outlandish could really be true.additional strange items on display include a magnificent portrait of lady diana made of laundry lint from a clothes dryer, a copy of the last supper painted on a grain of rice, the famous sweater worn by marilyn monroe during her last photo shoot on the beaches of malibu, a mummified man, and a genuine moon rock.robert ripley, the globetrotting creator of the ripley’s believe it or not!® cartoon in 1918, displayed his first collection of oddities at the chicago world’s fair in 1933, filling the exhibition hall with hundreds of genuine artefacts he had gathered from his travels to more than 200 countries. Today, his exotic treasures can be seen in 30 ripley’s believe it or not!® museums worldwide.mirror mazethe mirror maze challenge provides family friendly entertainment that will appeal to children, teens and adults alike. The maze consists of a series of columns and arches surrounded by hundreds of mirrored reflections in every direction. The floor lighting enhances the infinity effect by giving the illusion of continuing hallways, when in fact you may be at a dead end! The more participants in the maze, the more confusing it is. See hundreds of reflections of yourself in every direction. The mirror maze challenge is to get lost and find your way out again. Backwards or forwards, it's never the same experience twice!

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