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The Shard Tower Of London Free Tower Bridge

The Shard Tower Of London Free Tower Bridge


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Product details - The view from the shardincluded highlights breathtaking 360 degree views across london from the tallest building in western europe see tower bridge, the tower of london, the gherkin and the london eye from a new perspective enjoy informative commentary via interactive telescopes no time restriction on your staythe shard is an iconic, landmark building on the london skyline, designed by master architect renzo piano. At a height of 1,016ft 310m, the tallest building in western europe, the shard redefines london's skyline and will be a dynamic symbol of london, recognisable throughout the world.the view is situated at the top of the shard, on floors 68, 69 and 72, and almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in london. Prepare to embark on a multi sensory journey to 244m 800ft above of one of the greatest cities on earth. On arrival at level 00, you will be drawn into the tapestry of london with glimpses of the city laid out before you. Travelling skyward in two high speed ‘kaleidoscopic' lifts, you'll swiftly reach level 68 a cloudscape above the world.then journey to level 69 where the view is revealed and london opens out before you. Here, in the sky above london, you'll experience an astonishing 360 degree, 64km 40mile view over the city and beyond where the past, present and future of london will be unfurled beneath you, brought to life in multimedia displays.for the best view in town, ascend to level 72, at 244m, the highest public level of the shard. You'll be exposed to the elements with sounds of the city around you. Looking up, you'll see the shards of glass that form the top of this skyscraper as they disappear upwards into the sky.tower of londonone of the most famous buildings in the world, the tower of london was constructed in the 11th century almost a 1,000 years ago and has been witness to countless significant events in the development of britain's now democratic monarchy.during your tour of the tower of london you will meet the magnificent yeoman warders or 'beefeaters', clad as they were in tudor times, hear the legend of the ravens and spine chilling tales from the tower's long history. See the infamous bloody tower where the princes were murdered, beauchamp tower where visitors can read carved inscriptions of past prisoners and traitors gate where those unlucky enough not to survive imprisonment had their heads impaled and much more.we sell at less than the gate price, which gives you access to all the towers and attractions, as well as the unique gift shops, the historic new armouries restaurant, tower cafe and kiosk. Your tower ticket also includes entry to the crown jewels.entrance to this spectacular new exhibition, presented in the white tower, is included in your standard admission ticket to the tower.all internal buildings close 30 minutes after the last admission.the tower closes one hour after the last admission.we recommend that you allow 2 3 hours for your visit to the tower.the tower is closed 24 26 december and 1 january inclusive.tower bridge exhibitiontower bridge unveils new glass floor across high level walkwayslaunched in the west walkway today, the glass floor offers visitors a never seen before view of london life, from 42 metres above the river thames. Look down to spy road and pedestrian life whizzing over the bridge while river vessels sail under it – and plan your visit in advance for the truly magical experience of the bascules being raised beneath your feet. the glass floor measures 11 metres long by 1.8 metres wide and comprises of six panels weighing 530 kilograms each. It is made up of five thick layers and can hold the equivalent weight of an elephant and two taxis! The installation took a 20 strong team to construct it over a six week period. the walkways also offer stunning panoramic views of london while each of the 20 bridges featured in our popular and refreshed 'new great bridges of the world' display showcase a breath taking feat of engineering. After learning about the history of the bridge through animations anddisplays in the towers, continue to the victorian engine rooms for the beautifully maintained steam engines that were once used to power the bridge lifts.over 100 years ago, the victorians built a bridge that has become one of london's most famous landmarks. High level walkways were built to allow people to cross the thames whilst the bridge was lifted to let tall ships sail past tower bridgetoday these walkways act as viewing galleries, giving visitors the most spectacular views across an ever changing london skyline.walkways exhibitionvisitors enter tower bridge exhibition via the north tower. They are then transported by lift to the top of the tower 47 metres above the thames where they have a unique opportunity to see the bridge’s steel skeleton from within. A short film explains the history and provenance of the bridge and then there is the chance to admire the spectacular views – from both covered walkways.on the east walkway there are fantastic views of the docklands and from the west walkway you can see the new gla building, the tower of london, st paul’s, the city, the pool of london and big ben and the london eye in the distance.interactive computerised kiosks and graphic panels explain the significance of the views to visitors, as well as providing more information on the history and building of the bridge. The interactive material and graphic panels are written in seven languages and an audio loop for the hard of hearing is also in place for the video show. There is another film to view in the south tower before descending for the short walk to the historical engine rooms, included in your ticket price.victorian engine roomsthese provide a fascinating insight into late 19th century engineering. Installed for the completion of tower bridge in 1894, these huge, and beautifully maintained, coal driven engines were used to power the thousands of bascule bridge lifts performed until 1976. Although lifts are now operated by electricity, the original steam engines are still in place. The engine rooms give visitors a chance to experiment with models demonstrating the technology behind the bridge. There are also some amazing photographs of  tower bridgetthroughout its lifetime – including a revealing picture of the heavy steel structure of the bridge as the stone cladding was installed over it.

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