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Terra Mitica Mundomar

Terra Mitica Mundomar


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Product details - Terra miticaegyptthe myth begins in ancient egypt... The pyramids, the sphinx, the port of alexandria, the bazaars... Thrilling rides include the mystery of keops, the cataratas del nilo and the akuatiti as you explore the land of the pharaohs!greecethe home of the gods… ride the labyrinth of the minotaur, the fury of triton, the icarus and the alucinakis. Take in a marvellous show full of special effects in the theatre of olympia.romerelive the splendour of the civilization that once ruled the world. Ride the magnus colossus, the largest and most amazing wooden roller coaster in the mediterranean. Freefall the flight of the phoenix or enjoy the ultimate gladiator show with the wildest of chariot races in the circus maximus!the islandson the island of the lake you will discover a great adventure packed with heroic deeds, mysteries and sensations. Help with the rescue of ulysses, avoid the dangers of the mediterranean sea as you ride the rapids of argos or perhaps the mythos carousel. Be mesmerised by the surprises of the gods!titanidenot for the faint hearted, this huge inverted steel rollercoaster, with its high speeds, drops and loops defies all powers of gravity.the lost templeenjoy an amazing adventure full of speed, adventure, hidden enigmas, secret passages and excitement as you fight against furious monsters and avoid the traps while the gods of olympus are watching you.also don’t miss……the colossus wooden rollercoaster, flight of the phoenix, fury of triton and the red beard pirate show. mundomarmundomar, a park devoted to leisure, defence of the environment, teaching respect for animals and nature, conservation and breeding of species. Mundomar, your animal park, is located next to the aqualandia water park and has an extension of 60,000 square metres and landscape features which contribute to creating a park unlike any other. A great family day out with children 0 3 going free!lush vegetation and tropical gardens, rustic style buildings, rock features, large waterfalls, surprising grottos...these are the architectural elements we find in the park. We put on different shows with parrots, sea lions and dolphins plus a variety of activities such as the feeding of sea lions, lemurs and penguins.the underwater viewing of sea lions and dolphins enables visitors to enjoy their interesting exhibitions and learn curious facts about our animals.other animals we can observe in the park are flamingos, turtles and tortoises, swan, storks, sea lions, seals, otters, different species of lemurs, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tropical birds such as toucans, ibis, parakeets, parrots, etc.for that special occasion you can swim with the dolphins and have photographs to remind you of your special day! Additional costs at mundomar you can also enjoy a wide range of catering facilities such as a snack bar, self service restaurant, à la carte restaurant, kiosks, shops, photographs, baby buggy hire.mundomar marine park is a member of important national and international associations such as the iberian association of zoos and aquariams the european association of zoos and acuaria the european association for aquatic mammalstake advantage of this special 2 park offer and save money as well as having great days out. Now with undated tickets to use when you choose!

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Terra Mitica Mundomar



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