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Sea Life London Aquarium Uber Journey

Sea Life London Aquarium Uber Journey


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Product details - The sea life london aquarium is home to one of europe’s largest collections of global marine life and the jewel in the crown of the 28 sea life attractions in the uk and europe. Situated in the heart of london, the experience takes visitors on an immersive and interactive journey along the great oceanic conveyor.the mysterious experience, spread over three floors, starts by taking a submarine style lift to the depths of the atlantic ocean. Along the journey, a stunning glass tunnel walkway offers guests an unforgettable experience by strolling underneath a tropical ocean. There is plenty of interaction along the way, from feeding the stingrays and watching diving displays to touch pools and discovery zones. Other stars of the show include green turtles, seahorses, octopus, zebra sharks and the ever popular clown fish. The true highlight however, commences as guests complete their journey in the deeper darker zone of the pacific ocean take a walk on the wild side and watch 10 species of shark swim beneath your feet from a suspended glass platform.as well as allowing millions of people to discover the marvels of the marine world, the sea life network has an important role to play in helping safeguard our seas and their inhabitants for the future. The sea life london aquarium provides the uk with a leading centre of excellence on marine management, conservation, preservation and education in the heart of the capital.crocodiles to take up residence in sea life london aquarium!crocodiles, piranhas, a family of poison arrow frogs and a host of exotic aquatic creatures will be taking up residence in an entirely new rainforests of the world area at the sea life london aquarium this easter. Rainforests of the world will totally replace the existing rainforest area and provide a snapshot into the vulnerable eco systems of malaysia, west africa and south america. In an immersive journey across three continents guests will get up close and personal with some of the rainforests’ most famous and feared residents. A pair of 6 ft west african dwarf crocodiles will be just snapping distance away in a specially created wetland habitat mirroring their african home. The family of highly toxic poison arrow frogs will provide a kaleidoscope of colour, but watch out for the alluring yellow golden dart frog, the most lethal of them all. Continuing the small but deadly theme is one of europe’s biggest collections of piranha fish famed for their flesh eating frenzies.the new experience is the latest development in the rejuvenation of the attraction which was transformed into the sea life london aquarium last year and its march 2010 completion will mark the first anniversary of its re opening in easter 2009. As well as the exciting new rainforests of the world, the sea life london aquarium is home to thousands of marine creatures from every part of the world including 46 sharks, and boasts some breathtaking features including a stunning tropical glass tunnel walkway and a nerve testing shark walk finale, plus an ongoing programme of interactive family friendly activities.

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Sea Life London Aquarium Ube



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