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Californias Great America General Admission

Californias Great America General Admission


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Product details - Thrill ridesgold striker level 4 high thrill gold striker the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in northern california. Gold striker stands 108.2 feet high and travels 53.7 mph. height requirement 48flight deck level 5 aggressive thrill flight deck time to take off on flight deck, the incredible suspended jet coaster. Soar through a 360 degree vertical loop, two 270 degree afterburn turns, a full circle wingover and a zero gravity roll. If that's not enough, you take this 50 mile per hour flight in a floorless coach, suspended below the coaster's steel track.  height requirement 54the grizzly level 4 high thrill the grizzly grab your family and enjoy a thrilling ride on this classic wooden roller coaster. Rugged hills and bumps make this a great ride for everyone!  height requirement 48firefall level 5 aggressive thrill firefall fall head over heels! This thrill ride takes 40 brave riders to a height of 60 feet, then subjects them to 360 degree vertical arcs as they twist, turn and spin through both fire and water effects. height requirement 55 maximum height 77tiki twirl level 4 high thrill tiki twirl surrounded by the sounds of tribal music and jungle drums, thrill seekers embark on a journey past fiery 40 foot tall torches, exotic tribal relics and tropical landscaping. The twists and turns on the rolling track make tiki twirl a must ride for guests. height requirement 48delirium level 5 aggressive thrill delirium fire up on delirium, a powerful spinning pendulum that will send you whirling. height requirement 48demon level 5 aggressive thrill demon experience airtime and multiple loops as you encounter the demon. As the senior member of california's great america's roller coaster contingent, this ride still packs a punch! height requirement 48drop tower level 4 high thrill drop tower experience the rush of gravity as you descend 22 stories in less than four seconds on drop tower, one of the tallest and most intense free fall rides in the world. Hold on tight! height requirement 54psycho mouse level 4 high thrill psycho mouse get ready to drop, twist, bank and curl on northern california's ultimate family coaster psycho mouse. You'll enjoy chasing this mouse through tight hairpin curves and thrilling camelback hills. This rude rodent features 14 crazy twists and turns along 1,257 feet of track.  height requirement 44 must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 46vortex level 5 aggressive thrill vortex vortex features a 91 foot lift hill, a 360 degree loop and weaving, twisting track that threads its way through the eye of the loop. You ride standing and straddling bicycle type seats in trains that travel up to 45 miles an hour. Padded shoulder harnesses secure the riders in their cars.  height requirement 54h.m.b. Endeavor level 4 high thrill h.m.b. Endeavor our giant ship swings back and forth, finally reaching its apex and freezing for a split second, suspending rider upside down. Then the circle is completed for several turns.  height requirement 48 maximum height 76xtreme skyflyer level 5 aggressive thrill xtreme skyflyer experience the breathtaking experience of hang gliding and skydiving. You'll be hoisted 153 feet above ground, and dive at speeds up to 60 miles per hour while falling 17 stories toward the earth, skimming just six feet above the ground. additional fee required for this ride. height requirement 48orbit level 4 high thrill orbit guests who embark on the orbit get rapidly spun at increasing speeds and lifted by a large hydraulic arm to as high as 80 ft. In the air. Then, let the centrifugal force be with you as you get turned upside down. height requirement 54boomerang baycabana rentalsreserve your cabana online today! There are two cabana options to choose from. The standard cabanas offer amenities such as a semi private covered area, two lounge chairs and poolside menu with locations at boomerang lagoon and great barrier reef. Island oasis cabana, located by great barrier reef wave pool, offers amenities such as a semi private covered area, four lounge chairs, section for relaxation, poolside menu, kids corner, and flat screen tv.swimming lessonslearn to swim at california's great america this summer! Valid for season pass holders ages 3 10 to enroll in our 2015 swim lessons.jr. Lifeguard lessonswe are now offering jr. Lifeguard lessons where our staff will teach your children some of the basic life guarding skills such as cpr, first aid, and rescue skills. Valid for season pass holders ages 10 15 to enroll in our 2015 jr. Lifeguard lessons starting now.tasmanian typhoontravel through a series of watery twists and turns on this fully enclosed two person water slide. castaway creekthe area's longest lazy river that offers in water lounging in a relaxing environment! a lifejacket is required for anyone who is less than 48 tall or is an inexperienced or non swimmer. height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 42screamin' wombattwists and serpentine curves await riders on this three story tall, fully enclosed body water slide that leaves riders screamin’ for more. height requirement 48great barrier reefenjoy the exhilaration and feel of ocean waves without the sand.a life jacket is required for anyone less than 48 tall in bare feet or is an inexperienced or non swimmer. height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 42ripsnort ridgethis 30 foot tall body water slide sends riders speeding down a 45 degree, fully enclosed chute for a thrilling water adventure. height requirement 48boomerang lagoona huge heated lagoon, with 150,000 gallons of water, boomerang lagoon is set in a tropical environment where families can swim, splash and float!down under thunderthe first of its kind in the west, this slide is an unforgettable water adventure! Ride a two person tube down a chute, and then glide back up a nearly vertical wall before coasting toward the ground. height requirement 44kookaburra caylittle blokes and sheilas boys and girls will splish and splash in this spray ground of interactive fountains and water activities.jackaroo landinga complete australian adventure that lets kids discover a multi level water fortress of eight family slides connected by bridges, passageways and rope ladders. Watch out for water jets and a huge bucket of water that tips when it fills to the top! height requirement 36 44 for slidesdidgeridoo fallsthis family waterslide begins high atop a 54 foot platform and sends riders gliding through turns on a four person raft. height requirement 44 planet snoopywoodstock express level 3 moderate thrill woodstock express join woodstock on his zany adventure aboard this family friendly roller coaster. height requirement 40 must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 46peanuts™ meet greet the gangs all herepeanuts™ meet greet the gangs all here come by and visit your favorite peanuts™ friends where snoopy, charlie brown, lucy, linus and sally are waiting to play with you throughout the day.peanuts pirates level 2 mild thrill peanuts pirates ahoy mateys! Navigate these rotating mini pirate ships and help snoopy escape the evil pirate! Pivot, twist and turn a full 180 degrees while sloping up and down along the high seas. height requirement 44 must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 48the pumpkin patch level 2 mild thrill the pumpkin patch join linus on his quest for the great pumpkin on this 30 foot tall spinning pumpkin patch. height requirement guests under 44 must be accompanied by supervising companion.snoopy's splash dancesnoopy's splash dance perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day, the snoopy's splash dance doesn’t require a bathing suit for an exciting wet and wild maze adventure height requirement guests over 60” must be accompanied by a child.sally's love buggies level 2 mild thrill sally's love buggies families decide how high they want to go on this interactive family attraction that allows kids to race their own buggies. height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 44planet snoopy construction zonelevel 1 low thrill planet snoopy construction zone climb, play and run through a giant construction zone.snoopy's space racelevel 1 low thrill snoopy's space race climb aboard and prepare to soar up, down and through the air. height requirement 54 maximumkite eating tree level 2 mild thrill kite eating tree children of all ages will delight in this mini drop ride that takes guests more than 20 feet in the air and plunges them gently up and down. height requirement 36flying ace level 2 mild thrill flying ace soar up, up, up and back down again in a swooping airship. height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 42joe cool's dodgem school level 2 mild thrill joe cool's dodgem school fasten your seat belts! This mini bumper car adventure is filled with excitement. height requirement 35 minimum 53 maximumlucy's crabbie cabbie level 2 mild thrill lucy's crabbie cabbie introduce your little ones to a lifelong love of roller coasters on the taxi jam coaster! This eight foot high miniature steel roller coaster, is perfect for a young child's first roller coaster ride. height requirement 36 must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 40sally's swing setlevel 2 mild thrill sally's swing set climb aboard this kid sized swinging adventure and feel the wind in your hair as the ride smoothly glides through the air. height requirement 42snoopy's space buggies level 2 mild thrill snoopy's space buggies snoopy’s space buggies will lift astronauts into the air for a gravity defying lunar landing. height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 36peanuts 500 level 2 mild thrill peanuts 500 peanuts 500 lets racers zoom around the track and slingshot around the track ends height requirement must be accompanied by a supervising companion if less than 42gr8 sk8 level 3 moderate thrill gr8 sk8 gr8 sk8 is an interactive ride atop snoopy’s giant skateboard with the feeling of going off the edge height requirement 36 minimum and 80 maximum

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