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Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cruise 2030 Service Etoile Quai Branly Museum

Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cruise 2030 Service Etoile Quai Branly Museum


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Product details - Bateaux parisiens dinner cruise 20.30 service etoilethe cruise begins at the foot of the eiffel tower then follows the ‘rive gauche’ left bank passing eiffel tower, hotel des invalides, musees d’orsay, institut de france, notre dame de paris, la grand bibliotheque and as far as the finance ministry in bercy. Returning via the right bank passing the hotel de ville, musee du louvre, concorde, grand palais, trocadero and finally returning to the eiffel tower. The boat is fully glazed and offers a perfect view of paris and of the banks of the river seine.menu available in french, english, spanish, german, japanese, italian, russian, korean, chinese and portugese. menu winter season 2015 2016click here to see the menumenu spring  summer 2016click here to see the menu musée du quai branly a meeting ground for cultures of the worldthe opening of the musée du quai branly, in june 2006, helped legiti­ mize long misunderstood cultures and finally made them accessible to a wider public. 300,000 works and objects from africa, asia, oceania and the americas make up the collection of the museum, whose mission is to conserve, document and enrich. as a resource of messages and potential connections between world cultures, the collection is a point of departure from which the museum has shaped its identity that of a museum for the 21st century with inno­vative architecture and museography, all in the heart of a major interna­tional capital.the musée du quai branly is a museum that does not claim to teach from a position of authority rather, it sets out to create bridges between cultures, while encouraging curiosity and attracting visitors from diffe­rent backgrounds with varied interests.within the museum, diverse skills and perspectives create the ideal context for the collection, giving rise to cultural, artistic and scientific proposals, from different levels of interpretation and approaches, be it via temporary exhibitions, performing arts, lectures or conferences.the quality and renewal of this myriad of offerings depend upon the public making the museum their own and upon their desire to keep coming back. The dynamics of mediation between visitors and the collec­tions, taking into account the vision of a given society at a given moment, opens up the dialogue to the key issues of our day globalisation, our relationship towards “otherness” and the natural world. note the combined ticket include tickets for the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition

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Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cru



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